How Much Does it Cost?

For Parents

This site is free to search for your tutor, SNA or other practitioner. We charge the professional a small fee as it is our belief that parents are already under an immense amount of stress in fighting for and finding services for their child.

For Schools

If you would like us to source a teacher or SNA for your school, there is an annual registration fee of €300 – you simply call us with your requirements and we will do our best to locate a suitable substitute.

For professionals

We charge a small administrative fee to register your services on this website.

There is an annual fee of €50 to register, where we will upload your details for you and create your professional profile. Your page will be optimized to promote your service niche and location.

For anyone wishing to pay their membership monthly, the fee is €5 per month.

All fees are inclusive of VAT and transaction fees.

What does your fee cover?

  • VAT included
  • Card transaction fees included
  • Administration
  • Access to TSK Academy’s workshops and courses at a discounted rate.